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What’s a Book Worth?


    I was recently asked by a friend, ‘Why do they bother printing prices on the back of books? No one pays the full price anymore.’ Having worked in a bookshop, I’ve heard similar sentiments about the price of books expressed many a time…. Read more »

The Best American Short Story Collections: 2012


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Five reasons to read The Great Gatsby…


    … and to give Luhrmann’s movie a miss.     1: It will probably take less time I’m possibly exaggerating on this one, but the new film adaptation clocks in at just under two and a half hours: a veritable behemoth, that demands… Read more »

Oh, to Live in a Castle: The Best Castles in Fiction


  I can’t help feeling that a childhood of fairytales misled me about the adult world. I was told there would be castles. The lack of castles has been a severe blow, but I’ve found that escaping into novels is a wonderful consolation. So if… Read more »

Les Misérables: Book, Movie or Musical?


The recent release of Les Misérables in the cinema has rekindled interest in the original book by Victor Hugo. Received wisdom says that the book is always better than the movie. TheNextBigRead should defend the honour of the book against unfaithful movies. But, I am going to contradict myself and say that Les Misérables could be an exception to this rule.